We use a professional brand of natural honey strip wax and Essential hard wax.

Brow maintenance ($18)
Brow Shaping ($20)
Upper lip ($10)
Chin ($14)
Cheek ($18)
Underarms $18
Abdomen Line ($10 and up)
Bikini Line($25 and up)
L.A. Bikini (thong) ($45 and up)
Brazilian Bikini (women only) ($65+)
Half Arm ($25 and up)
Full Arm ($45 and up)
Half Leg ($35)
Full Leg ($70)
Back/Chest ($45 and up/$70 and up) (priced upon length of service)


Please Note: Allow 2 weeks of hair growth before waxing.
Important : If you are using Retin-A stop at least 2 weeks prior to waxing. If you are taking Accutane medication stop 5 months before scheduling a waxing service.